Thursday, May 27, 2010

One month to lockdown...

With the G20 Summit only a month away, I thought it would be a good time to take some ‘before’ shots. It was a beautiful day today in Toronto. Sunny. Warm. And by warm I mean almost stifling hot. Really hoping for some rain tonight to cool the city down.

I decided to walk basically the ‘Northern’ border of the zone. There wasn’t much different yet other than the cameras and the signs indicating that there are cameras. There seemed to be a few new signs right at the Convention Centre (no loitering, no vending…), but other similar signs have been here before, so it’s nothing new. No one on the street was really talking about it, but the cashiers at the grocery store were. Just trying to figure out how to get into work those days. Just those everyday mundane things that gets a wrench thrown at it when the big guys are in town.

I noticed that on the eastern end of the zone, cameras were as far as Yonge Street, but I noticed that they also have a wireless transmitter (like those with the camera) at Church and Front as well. I haven’t seen any vehicles installing them in the last few days, I wonder if they just ran out.

I went home ‘within’ the inner sanctum. Right in front of the Convention Centre where I found the new signs.

There is some new construction going on at Front and John. The parking lot has been closed for a while, and now it’s almost fenced off. Does anyone know if this is for a new condo, or for the G20?

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