Saturday, January 28, 2012

Not Necessarily A New Years Resolution

While this is not really a New Years Resolution, it could be seen as one, or used as one. Either this year, or next.

The idea I’m putting forth is to challenge yourself in whatever you do for fun. If you’re a photographer, put yourself out of your element and shoot something you have never shot before. If you normally shoot portraits…go and shoot some wildlife (with your CAMERA…). If you normally shoot flowers, go and shoot a protest (but be careful!).

If you like to cook, try adding different ingredients that you have never used before. Don’t look for a specific recipe to use it in. Buy the product and THEN find a recipe. See if you can substitute it for something else, or prep it in different forms for different parts of the meal.

Different. Do something different.

If you challenge yourself, you’d be surprised how much incidental knowledge you can attain.

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