Wednesday, December 5, 2012

So here's what I'm thinking for Sunday.

Arrival at 3:30 - 4pm
Start dinner around 4 - 4:30pm
Drink from then until we're done. : )

Roast Rabbit
Roasted potatoes and carrots with sage and rosemary
Mango Ice Cream

Argue among yourselves in the comments for the following.
A few people should bring booze of some sort.
I also need someone to bring a  salad. I'll have some homemade "ricotta" cheese to go with it...
Anything else you want to bring is also fine!

So far, the guest list includes
 - Paisley
 - The Pope
- probably Chef Wendy
- and someone I KNOW I've forgotten about...but can't figure it out...


  1. I'll update this post as more information comes forward.

  2. My friend Jenn will also be joining us, as well as C-onfessor.