Monday, January 31, 2011

What is with the SIU?

The SIU has recently re-opened yet another G20 related case after new evidence has come forward. I’m not exactly sure what their current investigation procedures are, but at this point, one can only say that they must be changed. Either that, or they need to read the dictionary definition of INVESTIGATION...

When the police need help, they appeal publicly for help. I haven’t seen the SIU do that in a case that has only been opened once. They HAVE appealed for more information and witnesses AFTER re-opening a case. The only real reports that seem to come out in the media are at the initial time of the incident with the phrase “The SIU is investigating”.

We do not often see them ask for the publics help. Is this because they feel they have expert witnesses at the scene? Who, incidentally have their own interests to protect. Or are they forbidden to due to laws or regulations? Either way it has to change. There can be no more ‘private’ investigations. I’m not asking to know everything their doing and to see all the evidence they have. I’m asking them to proactively engage the public as the public’s supposed watchdog over the police.

If the SIU is truly serious in doing its job, it really needs to do a better job. Re-opening case after case only serves to tarnish the reputation of the SIU. I’m acutely aware that the G20 was a different situation since there were cameras everywhere. It would also behove the SIU to release the information regarding WHERE the new evidence came from. They do not need to name an actual source, just the relative source. IE, from the public, from the police, from the crown…

There should be no reason WHY the rules governing the SIU should be any different than the way the police investigate crimes. Use whatever resources are available. You know that there was a lot of video tape shot and still photos taken that weekend. You should have immediately come to the public asking for copies of any of those incidents. Subpoenas the police video tapes, they would also do the investigation good if you don’t have them already.

All in all…I’m just really getting tired of going through all my photos from that weekend every time you re-open an investigation.

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