Saturday, May 28, 2011

Inside the Paranormal Research Society Event - Toronto

Or… What The Hell Happened Last Night...

May 27th brought members of the Paranormal Research Society back to Toronto for the third time. This event would prove to be their most interesting to date for me, for a wide variety of reasons. Not only was this an almost completely different show, but it also brought two additional members of PRS north of the border. Namely, Elfie and Whitney.

I bought my ticket a few days after they were released, since I knew these sell out quite quickly here, and there are usually less than 100 tickets available. Then, about a week ago, they sent out an email asking for a few volunteers to help out for a few minutes before the event, since they don’t travel with a crew. I didn’t have to work, so I said yes. I was so wrong as to what I was getting myself into…but for the better!

I ran a few errands before going to the venue, and was a little late due to traffic and some idiot cops. I had a feeling that the day was not going to be exactly uphill from there. I got to the venue a few minutes late, but WELL before there was anything to do. Everything else, with the exception of PRS and the volunteers, was stuck in traffic.

All there was for me was to set up a few chairs, a projector and screen. Well…that was before... I ended up running the PowerPoint presentation for the show, as well as taking some photographs for them, and various other things. All in all…it was like an easy day of work.

It also got me in contact with their Toronto promoter. Who is going to be calling me to work! Seems he wasn’t exactly pleased with how things went. But was I guess impressed with my level of work. Which was quite ironic, seeing as it was a rather ‘lazy’ day of work. He does a lot of paranormal and celebrity events in the area, so this is a rather good contact! He also saw some of my photography, and was impressed. He said he was always looking for crew to run the shows, photograph, and lead ghost hunts. He was surprised to find that I’m almost all three! So, this is one of the things that could get interesting. I’ve always been interested in the paranormal, but this could be a real game changer.

All in all I spent almost 7 hours with PRS yesterday… which wasn’t a bad day at all! They’re all genuinely nice people, and despite all the problems pulled off one great show! What really saved the show was the fact the venue was licensed, so the hour wait wasn’t so bad!

After the show, but before the ghost hunt, the rest of the volunteers got another chance to talk to Ryan and Serg, and get a few photos and autographs. And then of course…the swag…t-shirts and mugs. And for helping out as much as I did, Ryan comped me to an event in the future. Like I said before, their nice people…and show it!

This certainly was great event, met some great people, and might even swing a job out of it. So I guess I really should say thank you to PRS, Ryan, Serg, Elfie, Whitney, the rest of the volunteers, George the promoter, the traffic of Toronto, idiot cops, and ghosts.

Did I mention the mug? It’s a really nice mug!

PSST...the mug is available HERE > > >

As to embiggen.

The VIP reception before the event

The view from the stage

My view of the stage

Ryan Buell

Elfie Music

Sergey Poberezhny

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