Saturday, August 20, 2011

Simple Outrage Should Suffice

This should cause you to be outraged. Seriously seriously outraged.

All quotes used are from this article.

Please read the article first, than return here for comment.

"I was left for five hours, still in my harness, still tied up, naked, lying under a comforter," Massicotte, 47, told the Ottawa Citizen in a telephone interview Friday. "Five hours, no medical attention. I was in total shock. I didn't know what the heck was going on."
So they thought she was a copycat VICTIM: that she did this to herself to either gain attention, or receive compensation. This is quite ridiculous. Even IF she did this to herself, how in the hell did it take 5 hours for someone to show up with a goddamned camera. I don’t care if it’s not the Crime Unit there, you have a victim, either of herself, or another, but you DO NOT EVER leave a victim in that circumstance until the crime unit arrives. That’s seriously wrong. If the victim is on the way to the hospital, do you tell a surgeon NOT to remove a binding so you can photograph it first? Of course not.

It only gets worse for the police from there if this is all to be believed. Here’s what the victim DID NOT know at the time of being attacked:
Massicotte will argue that the OPP also breached its "duty of care" by failing to warn her that a sexual assault had taken place in her neighbourhood less than two weeks before she was attacked.

So, how is it that the police believed she was copy-catting this, when, she didn’t even KNOW about it? The police don’t routinely release complete details about the crimes, and when they do release info, it’s basic. IE, if details had been released, it would have indicated ‘bound’ but not much more. But, it appears as though they waited 5 hours before determining that. Cellphone cameras were descent then, it would have been very easy to snap a pic and get it to the original investigating officer to determine whether this was a copy-catting ‘victim’ or an actual victim. That’s about 5 minutes of work, not 5 hours.

She went through a lengthy interrogation before an OPP officer "finally confessed to me that this similar situation happened 12 days ago and we didn't warn anybody about it."
Here you have the officer confessing that they didn’t warn her, therefore, the interrogating officer (assuming that was the one who confessed) knew ALL ALONG that she could NOT have done this herself, as she didn’t know that a PREVIOUS crime had been committed in this fashion. That is the part that bugs me. All the cops seemed to miss that very small little point. She couldn’t have known the situation.

So, all in all you have:
- a Police Force that did not warn an area about a sex offender
- a Police Force who did not believe a victim of a sexual offense
- a Police Force that kept a victim tied up for 5 hours
- a Police Force that ALSO kept her on scene for an additional 3 hours
- a Police Force that then INTERROGATED the victim
- a Police Force who basically treated the victim as a criminal

There ya go folks. These are the people who are supposed to PROTECT and SERVE us. Something that they’ve obviously forgotten about. This is NOT the Thin Blue Line… This is the DUMB BLUE LINE.

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