Sunday, June 26, 2011

G20 Anniversary - Photos

- Protester at Queen and Spadina

John Pruyn being interviewed by media. He notes that he STILL has yet to receive his glasses or walking sticks from the police. One year later, they still have his property.

Grannies singing parody songs. I dub them "Octogenarians Against Oppression"

Arrival at Queen and Spadina. The scene of the crime. By this point, the crowd that was at the rally had split into two groups after the rally itself was over. We then moved to the south end of Queens Park and the march started to Queen and Spadina.

And out comes the harmonica!

First on the scene. I seemed to be ahead of the protest the whole way. I don't know why police were reporting to CP24 that they had no idea WHERE the protest was going, since I was able to get in front of them very often. Me and City TV, we were the first on the scene at Police Headquarters...well..the 70 or so cops were there first...

Below are more photos from the event:

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