Sunday, June 12, 2011

G20 Anniversary - June 25th

June 25th 2011 marks the one year anniversary of the G20 summit in Toronto, and, as described by Ombudsman Andre Marin, the worst compromise of Civil Liberties ever in Canada. The anniversary will bring protesters to Queens Park to demand accountability for the events that happened, and the events that have happened since.

It is still important to not only keep pressure on various levels of Government, but also to keep this in people's minds. That is the only way we might achieve an inquiry. That being an inquiry that not only has teeth to compel testimony and subpoena witnesses, but to also LAY CHARGES if and when necessary. That is not what is being done now. Only the SIU currently has the ability to lay charges, and they are on a complaint based system that really doesn't work. They've had to re-open ALL of their cases so far since they failed in their job to INVESTIGATE. It doesn't help that the police have all but NOT co-operated with the investigations, including the Chief coming out and BLATANTLY lying about circumstances. Do not forget that he was basically forced to apologize because of his statements. This is not how a police Chief should act, he slandered a victim of police abuse, and ONLY had to apologize. Hopefully a lawsuit or two will straighten him out, but I have no hope for that. In a CBC documentary, he also notes that he was going to start an investigation into an incident caught on film and shown to him. I'd seen the video before, as had many others. He claimed to be unaware of the situation, but would look into it. I don't know about you, but that doesn't seem right. It doesn't pass the smell test. He needs to be investigated himself. What he knew, when he knew it, and what orders were passed down from him. The buck doesn't stop with him, but it's a great place to start.

On June 25th, at 2pm, come to Queens Park, ONE scene of last years abomination. Whether you were arrested, detained, searched, or JUST a citizen of this country, come to Queens Park to make your voice heard. We will not stand for un-Canadian justice being served on Canadian soil.

Riot Cops

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