Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Supercell - June 8

I stayed up for a storm last night that never really materialized here. It was close, but didn't provide me with any lightning. Today's storm looked like it was following the same path, likely coming just north of the city. I watched the radar for a while, hoping that it would track further south. It didn't look good, but I went up to the roof anyway. It started to get dark and windy, I knew something was up. I checked into another radar site, and it looked like it was almost on top of me. The storm was quite intense, but since there was still so much light out there, I was able to get a couple of poor shots. What I DID get, was some video. This is all unedited, and yes...I narrate. I use the word intense a lot it seems, and well, it was pretty apt. Most of the time while I was on the roof, I had to brace myself because of the wind. We didn't have much rain, so there was some debris flying through the air...and it hurt!

Apologies for the was windy!

Here's some raw video.

This video is kind of a tutorial. Because of the wind, it's not great. It's also daylight, which makes shooting this a little harder. (by 'juice' I meant memory on the card!)

There was a lot of dust and debris flying through the air since there wasn't really any rain. It was basically spitting every once in a while, big drops, but not often.

This was the first video from the roof. Where I discover my tripod isn't as stable as I would have liked.

Here's some shots from late last month. CLICK HERE.

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