Monday, April 25, 2011

Into the Fire - G20 Documentary

“An educated population is kinda what we need right now”. – Into the Fire

Truer words have never been spoken. We are broken. As a people, we are broken.

It just came out this week, but I finally got a chance to watch it. I would say, almost without a doubt, it is one of the best movies out as of yet that shows what actually happened during the G20. It includes video that has not been seen before. Some footage from inside the Eastern Ave jail is also included. Unfortunately, it only shows Charlie Vietch in jail, likely the only person ever held at the jail seemingly by himself. Which of course begs the question as to why he was sent there, and not to a regular station house.

I wouldn’t go as so far as to say that this is groundbreaking, or that it was shocking. I was there, I saw things I should not have ever seen on a Canadian street. There were things that I saw that were shocking for sure, but not overall. Really, it was just more of the same, with interviews I haven’t seen that tied it all together.

I have to say, I haven’t watched some of the previous videos in a while. I almost had to stop when the woman was trampled by horses, but I didn’t. I would bet most people have forgotten about that. Guess what, she hasn’t. And she won’t for the rest of her life. It did not have to happen.

By the way… does anyone know if Officer 815, aka, “you’re not in Canada anymore” has lost his job yet?

One video I hadn’t seen yet comes in around the one hour mark. The cop basically says that if you refuse anything they ask (whether you have a right not to or not), they’ll dig further. Remember, unless driving, for the most part, you do NOT have to ID yourself to an officer. However, even though it is your right not too, they’ll keep going just because.
“If you give an officer a hard time, I think that you’re hiding something for whatever reason” – So…asserting your rights makes you suspicious. Well, there you have it.

I want to tie this into the current election, and apathy. We have a lot of voter apathy right now, probably because this is the 4th election in 7 years, and it’s the same old same old. Except it isn’t. But that isn’t getting much press. Did you know the Conservative Government was found in contempt? The first time in history…in ALL of the commonwealth? Wouldn’t know it based on the polls. It’s the same thing with the G20. The acts against the population were far past contemptuous and likely illegal in many cases. Though, whenever it is mentioned on the news (still), it is all about the 2 hours on Saturday when the shit hit the fan. EVERYONE with half a brain saw it coming. If you had EVER seen ANY media footage from these, it’s almost standard. Also, despite any other claim, you can clearly hear an officer say “disengage, disengage”. And there you have it again.

We, as a society have become disengaged from the people we elect to ‘control’ us. This needs to stop. This needs to stop quickly. We can no longer just vote the way we always have, or the way our parents did. We need to ENGAGE our politicians, confront them with the cold hard truth. We no longer can afford the apathy that has grown in the last decade. We need to re-assert the fact that we, the citizens of Canada, send 308 representatives to represent US in parliament. Our future depends on it.

For the full movie, click here.

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