Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Leaders Debate - The Drinking Game


Here it is folks, the Leaders Debate Drinking Game

By now you know how most of these work, every time someone says something or does something listed below, you take a drink. Lets see if you can still stand upright after the first 10 minutes.

You can play this two ways, partisan or bi-partisan. Partisan rules are simply for/against. You pick your Leader, and every time one of the other Leaders says the phrase or action, you drink. Bi-Partisan rules – if it happens...you drink.


“reckless coalition”
“job killing payroll tax”
“job killing corporate tax increase”
“Ipod tax”
“defeated on budget”
“Tim Hortons Health Care”
“cap and trade”
“carbon tax”
"let me be clear"
"let me be perfectly clear"
"that's simply not true"
"Focus on the economy"
"unnecessary election"
"Fake Lake"


eye roll at answer
'searching' for an answer
avoiding the question
deflecting the question (the 'they did it too' clause)
continuing already rebuked lies
using only talking points only (the 'as I previously stated' clause)
flubbing an answer
hands on hips
shaking head in disagreement

This list is by no means complete, and I'll continue to add to it as the day progresses. Please leave additional entries in comments and I'll include them.

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