Sunday, April 3, 2011

Time To Go Back to Work

Dear Members of the Media:

It’s time. Time to go back to work. I’m sure a large number of the population is fine with your work, however, they may not be okay with what I see as acquiescing to the Government and other large bodies.

Specifically I am referring to the fact that rarely do I see any member of the media call BS on air. I don’t know if this is due to an ‘invasion’ of American media (or the American media’s erosion), a result of the 24 hour news cycle, laziness, preferring to keep the already limited access that you still have, or any other reason. But you guys have to start pushing back. We cannot have information lorded over us as it has been the last few years. Information that is vital for us, the citizens of this country to make an informed choice.

Hell, it’s the reason were in an election now. Though, there is usually media mention of the budget, but rarely so far have I seen many in the media talk about the real reason the Harper Government was brought down, contempt.

I recently read an article by Lynsey Addario, one of four war correspondents who was recently captured and subsequently released in Libya. In it, she refers to the need for war correspondents to accurately portray what is going on in war zones. Without them, you get one side, or the other. Either the Government ‘facts’ or the rebels ‘facts’, but the problem is, they both lie. So, war correspondents are on the front lines to get an accurate image of what is taking place. Even 2 miles away, you have no clue what to actually believe.

It’s kind of the ‘same’ way here right now, sans war. We hear the Government side over and over and over again, but when the truth finally comes out there’s usually no real story, or it’s deflected by any number of excuses. But no one has really stepped up to the plate to ask the really hard question:


People are entitled to their own opinion, but they are not entitled to their own facts. When the line between opinion and fact become blurred, one cannot make a fully informed decision. That is one of the biggest problems we have today. I’ll use an example from the United States that should clearly illustrate the point.

Even with proof given, 27% of people don’t think Barak Obama was born in the United Sates. Add to that another number…29% think he ‘probably’ was, therefore having doubts. That’s 56% (+/-) of the population of the United States thinking that the President was not, or may not have been born in the USA.

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