Monday, April 18, 2011

What is Your Real Question

I was recently watching a television show and it stated that a poll in the USA showed that over 50% of people believe UFO’s exist? It got me thinking. What is the real question here? The question is quite ambiguous. In fact, as I’ve previously argued, UFO’s are a 100% certainty, by definition.

So, is the question really asking “do you believe in alien life?” Again, I would answer yes. With the number of stars in our galaxy, and the number of galaxies that we can see, let alone the ones we can’t, it’s almost impossible that there isn’t some sort of life somewhere else out there. Even one single-celled organism out there would be alien life.

“Do you believe in flying saucers?” perhaps, though alien spacecraft would probably be more accurate. This is probably a little bit closer to what the actual question is.

Though, they could also be asking “do you think alien life is here on Earth?” This is also a possibility, since a lot of things often fall under the “UFO” title.

The one poll question that always is quote is “Do you believe in UFO’s?” It’s just become such a large umbrella that the question is not really helpful. Do you think sentient life exists elsewhere? Do you think these aliens have left their planet? Do you think aliens have visited here in the past? Do you think aliens are here now? Do you think your government knows about it and lies to you? They do for other things, why not this?

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