Sunday, February 27, 2011

Is It NOW Time For a Public Inquiry?

At a certain point, an inquiry will be called. As soon as someone looks at what Bill Blair has said, versus what the facts are, people will no longer be able to say no to an inquiry. This has to be done, no matter what the monetary cost. He has lied to a Parliamentary Committee. He lied to the public with the Public Works Protection Act. Sorry, he didn't lie…after he was told that what he said was untrue, he just FAILED TO CORRECT IT. And that is what permeated the entire weekend.

FORGET about the vandalism that resulted in zero charges at the time, zero charges that stuck during all the arrests (over 1100) after, and few in the months since.

FORGET about the 1100 that were mainly wrongly arrested in the aftermath. 709 were arrested for breach of the peace, a legitimate tool for police to use to quell well, a breach of the peace. Here, it was most definitely used immorally, if not illegally. Since there is no official charge, there is no official way to dispute it. If you are not afforded an exit when you are told to leave the area, then, that's entrapment. Literally.

REMEMBER that there are probably tens of thousands more people who DO NOT have a voice in the matter since they were only searched. THOSE people also have had their rights violated. THOSE are the majority of people who have a stake in this. Granted, their plight was much less than those wrongfully arrested. Some may not even realize that their rights were violated that day.

Personally, when I was searched, I was under the impression that I had to submit to the search. This was due to the fact that Bill Blair had talked about the “5m rule”. For the record, I was searched AFTER Blair had been told that his statement was incorrect. He did not make this public until 2 days later. I actually HAD read the PWPA at that point. That is, I had read the LEGISLATION. I was under the impression that I HAD to submit due to the language in the LEGISLATION. Don’t forget, there is also video of the PWPA being used all over the city. The training manual received from the Waterloo Regional Police also includes the PWPA. Unfortunately, like me, it only contained the LEGISLATION. Why is that important? It only spells out the POWERS of the police. NOT where they can use them. ONLY reading the legislation is only doing half the homework. It’s not good enough. They did NOT know where they could use it, hence seeing it used all over the city.

This is why a COMPREHENSIVE Public Inquiry must be called. There is no reason why any of this should have happened. They were improperly prepared after having ample time to know what to expect. They didn’t need traditional police intelligence to know what would happen. They needed YOUTUBE.

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