Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Park to be Named for Fallen Officer

A park in Toronto is going to be renamed for Sgt. Russell who was killed in the line of duty earlier this year.
Personally I don't feel this is right. Nothing against the fallen officer or his family, or the police in this instance, but I just do not believe that he had done enough in his shortened life to actually warrant this. I feel as though for a park to be named after someone, they have to have done something a lot more meaningful to the community than just being a Police Officer and dying in the line of duty. The same thing would be said if this was a Firefighter.

I believe this should be concerning to people. Why? Do innocent victims get the same treatment? No. What about fallen soldiers? No. What about other people who die while on the job? No. Have they given back more to society than a Police Officer, maybe, maybe not.

Cops don't get shot at on a daily basis, soldiers in combat often do. Their job is infinitely harder than an officers job, yet they each do not get a park named after them. Hell, they don't even have a 15,000 strong funeral.

Police should NEVER be thought of as a special group of people, ever. As soon as you do that, they are on a different level than everybody else. That is not true, and is certainly not right. Of course, I'm also not saying that a police officer should NEVER have a park (or anything else) named after them, but not for simply being killed in the line of duty.

Sgt. Russell's death was tragic and sad, many lives will never be the same. I'm not trying to minimize his contributions to the city, but this is not what the city should be doing at this time.

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