Monday, February 21, 2011

No Jail for Cop Who Beat His Kids

I don’t know what pisses me off more about this? That a Police Officer sworn to protect people and uphold the law was caught beating his own children, or that the Judge thinks that depriving the city of his services as a police officer is WORSE than the cop beating his child. That, my friends is the decision the judge made. YES, he beat his kids. BUT…we need him as a cop.

"I find that the refusal of a discharge in this instance would be contrary to the public interest by depriving the community of the skills and talents of (the accused) as a police officer," Renaud ruled.

It should make you sick. Do you think the same thing could be said from depriving a city of a sitting Mayor, or a paramedic, or maybe a firefighter? They’re all important people. Actually…they’re all important JOBS. The people make no difference. It the job that they perform that is the important thing. As a Judge, you do NOT send a Police Officer to jail, you send a CONVICTED CRIMINAL to jail. That is your job. What they do for a profession has no bearing on sentencing. What you do for work is not a mitigating factor, unless you are charged with something while on the job. Though I haven’t read a full job description for a Police Officer, I’m pretty certain “Beating your Children” is not listed.

How is it possible, in this day and age, that a Judge could even consider a sentence this lenient? Was he in the courtroom when it was stated that after he had kicked his daughter, he beat his young son so severely that he couldn’t walk up stairs? Or that he left large welts on his BABY who was still in diapers? If I had been the judge, I would be in jail now for beating this guy in my courtroom.

One thing I find puzzling is how the officer can justify beating his kids by claiming it’s okay in his homeland, while being an officer sworn to uphold the LAWS of this country. I mean, if he can’t correlate the two, he has NO reason to be a cop. None.

On top of ALL of this, what about the children? Are they still living at home with a now released child abuser and a wife who thinks he’s changed but didn’t think that calling the Police might result in criminal charges? AND…we don’t even know who this guy is! ANYONE else would have had his name plastered all over the place, AND would have gone to jail. This is just disgusting on all levels.

I have a feeling this isn’t over yet…

Here's a link to the Ottawa Citizen article: Police officer avoids jail for child abuse

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